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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Return of AFI!

By Vivica Sullivan

AFI is back!!!  
AFI - Then and Now

And you know what that means; more Davey Havok.  

Awwww yes, a man that's easy on the eyes and a pleasure to the ears. Besides rocking the vocals for AFI, Blaqk Audio, and Son of Sam, he's also rocked many hairstyles. 

The latest stage in the evolution of Davey Havok. Meow.
 From the devil lock to long, luscious locks, he's always keeping it real... interesting.  Bleached hair don't care, asymmetry, and now with a clean, classic look, he's never looked hotter.

AFI's ninth album Burials is scheduled to be released October 22. Personally, I cannot wait! Check out their website at and their youtube channel at afireinside to listen to some new stuff. Here's a video of one of my favorites that my friends and I had the opportunity of being a part of:

See you guys soon \m/ 


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