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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hairroin Master Stylist, Sarah Merrie talks with Wella Professional expert, Mark Debolt about Illumina Color....

Last month Hairroin Salon received a much-anticipated shipment containing the latest technology in hair color from our beloved Wella Professional… Illumina. In our ever-evolving quest to bring our clients the very best in color services this new tool has been... well, MAGIC!

If you were to ask any of us stylists here at Hairroin WHY we love it so much you'd hear something like... “It’s just SO pretty!”, “So shiny!”, “OMG so so soft!”. We rave about this stuff so much it's ridiculous, it's just that damn good! So in the interest of sounding much more knowledgeable and intelligent I asked my good friend Mark Debolt to answer a few questions about Illumina and give us the low down and science on what makes this product so amazing. Mark is the most talented color- obsessed human I’ve ever met, and happens to be an expert on Wella hair color specifically! Here’s what he had to say…

What is Illumina, in a nutshell?
ILLUMINA Color represents Wella's greatest hair color innovation of the last two decades, which is bringing luminosity in colored hair to the next level of naturalness, perfection and beauty. What's the look? Lux, high end, and healthy color that glistens with shine and as the name suggests, this new permanent color illuminates every strand of hair, creating beautiful, reflective color that appears as though the hair has been lit from within.

What makes Illumina different from other colors on the market?
ILLUMINA Color is creating youthful results that we have never seen before. The portfolio includes 20 intermixable shades that contain a special "Microlight Technology" which encapsulates the tiny copper metals found in the cuticle of the hair. This technology prevents these metals from forming free radicals during the coloring process, and creates the utmost color clarity and light reflection. Also, we are LOUD and PROUD in sharing that ILLUMINA Color restores the hair to a quality most like virgin hair. We are the only manufacturer of premium hair color that can make this claim.

Who would be the ideal candidate for this type of color?
Some clients drink green tea and some clients like their coffee black. ILLUMINA Color is for a client looking for hyper-natural color with immense shine and three-dimensional results.

Can you give me an example of a creative way in which you have used Illumina?
A hot color trend for Spring 2013 will see luminous shades of steel, pewter and barely-there silver. I am creating these shades by using ILLUMINA Color 7/81, 9/60 mixed with 10/ and pastel developer.

What is your most coveted shade?
I can't pick just one, my favorite combination is 3 parts of 9/7 mixed with 1 part 7/43. It creates the most beautiful red inspired by Botticelli's Venus de Milo. Remember, red is the definitive symbol of love. 

How has integrating Illumina into your color bar changed your business?
Our color team has definitely seen business growth by offering clients ILLUMINA Color glosses. These glosses are simply gorgeous, and makes the hair feel fabulous, creating mouthwatering refined and sophisticated shades.

What's your secret to being the most charming and dynamic hair color wizard in the universe?
Gratitude is the attitude and I don't take ONE SECOND for granted ;)

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