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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hairroin Extensions:

Hair Extensions:101

One thing about us here at Hairroin, is that we are fearless when it comes to bold styles and color treatments. Besides a hot new color, extensions are great for a quick switch! With this post, I wanted to highlight the best reasons to get hair extensions. As well as how to choose the right color and texture for YOU! Trust me, there's nothing worse than seeing a bad weave/ extension job : / - especially as a hair stylist myself, it can be pretty cringe worthy at times! So before you guys start making decisions and booking those hair appointments, check out some of these helpful tips on extensions.

#1. - Transitioning from a classic short do to grow out the length of your own hair. Keeps your real hair protected especially if using the braiding method.

#2. - Change the color of your hair without exposing your natural hair to chemicals. Extensions are the best whenever you'd like to add highlights and low lights. For a quick pop in color, I am in love with clip in extensions!

#3. - Extensions aren't always used to add length. Get a much fuller bob, or volume in general by adding a just a few same length pieces all around.

#4. - Wanna try something new?! Extensions! Even if you don't like it, no permanent damage done to your natural hair, so you can start from a clean slate. Think about a custom wig!

#5. - Have healthier looking hair by disguising split ends while  taking steps toward mending and repairing your own.

#6. - Quality human hair extensions last for a long time, long enough for multiple applications; straight or curly. Great for extended vacations also!

#7. - Protect your hair from heat damage! 

#8. - Human extensions are great for custom color too!

#9. - Use for up-dos to increase volume and fullness within the hairstyle.

#10. - Bad haircut?! Easily fixable with extensions til your hair grows back to desired length.

Watch the owner and founder of Hairroin ,Janine, give a tutorial on her custom line of human hair extensions! Quality hair that comes in a super cute carrying case, easy how to apply instructions - she's literally a sheer genius! Check it out!

To purchase, visit us at Hairroin salon! All colors and custom color available too!

We love hearing from you guys! Need a lil more help and have more questions?! Ask us on Twitter @HairroinSalon or on Instagram @HairroinSalon

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