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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Facebook Page for Janine Jarman

WOW!!! What a year so far! Janine was very hesitant to even create a fan page on Facebook in the first place, because being so busy she was not sure she would have the time to keep it updated enough. But with Shear Genius airing and all of the support and love that she has received, she started to see that it would be a good idea. When we first created the page, we used Janine's name along side of the Shear Genius TV title and season, to help fans find her easily. With Season 3 of Shear Genius over, we have created a new fan page for our loving owner Janine Jarman!

Click Here for Janine’s New Facebook Page

Please give it a looksie! Janine will be posting more content, and the page will be updated more often.

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