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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"The Death of a Blonde" Before and After by Senior Stylist Monique Cardenas

Blog written by Hairroin Salon

We found the most beautiful blog post written about Hairroion Salon's own Senior Stylist Monique Cardenas today that we thought we would share with you all!

The post was written by "Guy's Gal", J. Michelle who is an author for the beauty blog Glow Blog.

Taken from Glow Blog:

" When you’re about to do something drastic with your hair I highly recommend going to someone who’s great with color, has a resume and knows what they are doing. Going to a random person that isn’t familiar with your hair texture and chemistry can be disastrous. Monique Cardenas from Harroin Salon is my go-to hair lady. She has an impressive resume and lucky for me her specialties are bobs and color. After sitting down with her for 2-3 minutes she practically read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted. On a side note, your hair stylist should connect with you and get what YOU want, not what THEY want, then interpret that into something fabulous. The countdown to my hair being saturated with color began. Last chance to back out. I’m not exaggerating when I say that panic mode kicked in. Will it look good? What if it’s not the right color? What if I hate it and want my blonde back? This is where your mental preparation beforehand comes into play and your stylist (or in this case new psychologist) should be right there to talk you through it."

Photos from Glow Blog

You can read the entire blog by "Guy's Gal", J. Michelle titled "The Death of a Blonde, at Glow Blog.

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