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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hairroin's Prescription for Baldness

The best way to maintain the bald look and to go about loosing hair is to own it and embrace your baldness. 

"You will never be as cool as me" - Bruce Willis

There are several types of hair loss, One of them being a receding hair line, another one being the thinning of the crown due to having fine hair and or genetics, and others falling in the category of alopecia and so on. 

There are several methods that you can go about to try and prevent your hair loss or alter it to make your hair seem more full for example hair products, styling techniques, pills, comb-overs, toupees and even surgery such as hair implants, but nothing is sexier then a confident man who "owns" what cards they have been dealt with and accepting it. 

"Just deal with it" - Patrick Stewart

In this situation it is best to have a super short hair style such as a buzzed cut or a shaved head and maintain the upkeep which is easy to do. In fact, shaving your head and having a short buzzed cut will make you look younger and gives you an edgy credibility since it is hip and socially acceptable now. 

A buzzed or shaved head can also make you appear sharp which can also give you a professional image. Having short hair or no hair at all is easy to maintain and there are products available for you. Moisturizing products would be perfect with an SPF of at least 15 to avoid sunburn during summer, along with a smooth clean look. Go with it.

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