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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Perils of At-Home Ombré Kits
by Heather Rae Cheszek, Senior Stylist at Hairroin

Caution! Don’t let “Do it yourself”, “Natural looking, easy to apply”, and “Achieve subtle dip-dyed effects at home” convince you to go balls to the wall with your next hair color goal. Leave the DIY project enthusiasm to chevron painting your bedroom or dip-dying fabrics in a bucket. This is your hair we’re talking about! Your beautiful, self-identifiable  hair! Let’s not muck it up experimenting with pre-packaged dye kits.

I’ve been a professionally licensed stylist for over 10 years. At first I thought ombré hair color was just going to last a season or two, but almost 4 years later the trend is still going strong. As stylists, we create melted blends of shades effortlessly and have the experience and the wizardry of using a multitude of professional quality (and customizable) hair color products. The main reason you should NOT attempt to use an “easy” at-home Ombré kit is because eight times out of ten, it’s the reason clients come to us for color correction these days.

I’ve heard clients in our salon talk about the perks of saving money, or the time saved not having to come to the shop by using the at-home kits but then they turn up in our chairs exhaustively apologizing for the “whoopsie” they’ve done to themselves. We’ve seen it all at Hairroin when it comes to ombré; ranging from a harsh line with zero blending all the way to a complete frizz ball of over-processed hair.

There are so many benefits to having your colorist ombré your hair at the salon. First, s/he has a perfect 360º view of your head which guarantees even application and tones. Second, your colorist can customize any shade or shades to make it a perfect fit for your ombré. At Hairroin, we have an ENTIRE wall of color with endless combinations. Third, we do these ALL THE TIME and we’re REALLY good at it. As your colorists we can ensure that the ombré blends seamlessly and is even all the way around the head. Finally, your colorist always has your back on the condition and health of your hair.

So, before you go running out to the store with the desire to save a lil money and buy an at-home ombré kit, please look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you deserve the best, and the best can be found behind a chair at Hairroin.

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