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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Hair Care Essentials

Happy New Year Gals & Gents!!!
Winter is definitely one of our favorite times of the year! Besides the Christmas parties with good food and free booze, the kick ass New Year's Eve parties, visiting family, cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal and drinking eggnog and hot chocolate - What's not to love!? 

But unfortunately, with cold cozy weather comes dry and brittle hair. Now of course there are ways to protect your hair from cold harsh weather and wind. Its really important to support your strands with some moisture-packed conditioners. Protective styling is a great way to go too! Below we've picked out some Winter hair must haves! These babies will protect, condition, and keep your hair in A+ shape during the chilly season!

Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax, $34:
Great hold for up-do's and short cuts. Doesn't leave a sticky, greasy residue, adds great moisture too!
Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil$45:
A great shine oil, while giving lots of moisture! A leave in conditioner is a great moisturizing base to start any hairstyle.

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque, $59:
Great for hair of all types, plus it's color safe! Gives your hair a facelift, and protects hair from harsh outside elements. Lightweight and leaves no residue.

Davines Oi Oil, $30:
Awesome lightweight deep conditioning treatment. Also, a veggie miracle!

Oribe Impermeable Anti- Humidity Spray, $38:
Awesome for curly hair fight rainy day frizz! Or,before putting on that cute beanie, spray some of this throughout your dry hair to prevent static and frizz! You're welcome:)

Sebastian Potion No. 9, $30:
A great leave conditioner! Remember, deep conditioning before styling is a great way to keep your hair strong and healthy when its windy and freezing outside!

...And for those of you looking for more organic and natural products to use on your hair this winter, try some of these super moisturizing and lightweight oils. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

 Jojoba Oil
 Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E
Argon Oil
Coconut Oil
Rosemary Oil (Thin Hair)
Pomegranate Oil (Fine Hair)
Sweet Almond Oil (Wavy Hair)
Avocado Oil (Tight, Thick & Coily Hair)
Olive Oil (Thick Hair)

Need help with a Winter hair care regimen???....Visit us at Hairroin Salon in Hollywood!!! We have some of the most talented stylists in LA who specializes in all hair types!! 

Plus, we have a store that carries the latest products in professional haircare! Gotta hair question???...Ask us on Twitter @HairroinSalon


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