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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Hairroin

Holiday Hairroin:Christopher Brown
This year for the holidays, Hairroin received such an awesome gift! Our good friend, and celebrity interior designer, Christopher Brown decided to come and spread some Christmas cheer and fabness throughout the salon! 

He turned the salon into a chic winter wonderland...Hairroin style of course

Q: What was your thought process while decorating the salon?
A: Whenever I start any job I begin by assessing a company’s image and how they sell themselves to the public, with an emphasis on the branding guidelines they've previously established. Hairrion's style relies on the merging of an eclectic old world charm and industrial ambiance accentuated with the visual appeal of an old apothecary. My goal was to concentrate within the realm of the early 20th century, when there was still a romantic air about Hollywood. I also love to incorporate items you would find in a typical hair salon, whether it be done with images or items.

Q: What materials did you use to accomplish the look you were going for? 
A: The majority of the materials consist of paper or paper based products, modeling wire, electrical cord and lighting with various existing decor.

Q: How long does a job like this take?

A: Every job is different, but I can say that the more handcrafted items required in any project affects the time needed to see it to completion. The current window includes many of these items which invariably led to a longer creation period.

Q: What was your inspiration?
A: With any window display I try to incorporate the time of year while tying in my own personal style. Halloween was inspired by a Victorian era wake similar to something you would see in a New Orleans Plantation or at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. I included the visual style of classic monsters with extravagant hair dossett against the silhouetted style of Victorian portraiture. With the current Winter Windows I wanted to create a handcrafted feel to stand against the pre fabricated blandness of everyday life. I happen to like the idea of a little roughness as it lends itself to maintaining an organic feel, while helping to draw in the viewer. The overall inspiration for this window theme was finding the light and warmth in the overwhelming silence of an endless winterscape, which I believe describes Hairroin very well. Every snowflake is unique and I believe that Hairroin is just as much so with its mix of talented hair artisans.

Q: How long have you been working with Janine and Hairroin Salon?
A: I met Janine through my good friend Jared Gold, He has been working with Janine for many years and she mentioned that she wanted to do something different fun with her windows. In May we started working on them as a collaborative effort, with the installation of the summer windows, the Hairroin pop-up salon and a recent photo shoot. Jared has been very supportive behind the themes of each window! He has been a tremendous help in the brainstorming process, along with other key people in my life. I love to bounce Ideas off of them!

Q: Do you decorate for all holidays?
A: The idea is to do 6 different themed windows a year, constantly keeping it fresh, primarily based on the season with a few holidays thrown in.

Q: So tell us! Who is Christopher Brown and what is he passionate about? How did you get your start in this industry?
A: I have always had a passion for creating rich and inviting environments for others to escape within and have been doing so since I was a little boy. That then began to blossom even more so when I began working as a florist at the age of 19, picking up side jobs, doing events as well as decorating for night clubs. During this time I discovered a passion for displays and many helpful hints and methods that help me with what I do now. I had some amazing mentors and I wouldn't be able to do what I do today without them. At the age of 30 I decided to branch out into different aspects of design, starting with my own line of handmade products that I will be offering soon through my company, RedKey Designs. I also started to explore the world of jewelry making and couture fashion and I am excited to see where that takes me. I am a maker at heart and I just want to continue to create and invoke feelings of curiosity, wonder and joy through the things I love to do.

Feeling inspired?! Tell us what you think or show us some of your favorite chic Christmas decorations you've seen lately on Twitter @HairroinSalon!

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