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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beauty and Braaaaaaiiiins - Zombie Pageant

This year for Halloween we turned the salon into a deathly house of beauty! We hosted our 1st Annual Hairroin Salon Zombie Beauty Pageant! This year we summoned the deadliest, bloodiest, most rottenly gorgeous zombies from all over to showcase their frightening, most disturbing talents and deathly misfortunes. At nightfall they all stumbled fresh out of their coffins to compete for a chance to win over $3,000 in prizes! And the freaks definitely came out! The air was filled with gorgeous ghouls, goblins, sexy tricks, tasty treats and bubbling liquid potions that made you feel a little…. devilish ;)

Our judges were delightfully haunted by the undead with tons of gory, decaying flesh, horrid make up, and grotesque cleavage. Repugnant and freshly exhumed zombies paraded their way across the stage while dripping with blood and some other zombified secretions. The dressing room was a fight to the death, actually, more like a fight of the undead, as they gnarled, growled and grunted for that 1st place prize. It was the formula for a perfect nightmare!

Out of the darkest, spookiest cemetery, the gruesomely gorgeous zombies showed off their freakish garb, in the most ghoulish ways possible! Each of them executing haunting performances for the talent segment - It was horridly awesome! No one has ever witnessed tricks like these done by the undead before. There were zombies rocking out, zombies singing classic Marilyn Monroe tunes, a frighteningly sexy strip tease, and blood drinking. In the spirit of Election Season, we even had a zombie display her patriotic colors in fireworks!

The scariest moment of the evening had to be Miss Intepreted as she conjured up a batch of deadly zombie blood and gore smoothies! She had the crowd groaning with disgust, and the zombies drooling with jealousy under her spell. Although the concoction was definitely a highlight of the evening, we can’t forget about Miss Conduct's horrifically awesome catwalk! That devilish sway she had was sure to scare anyone who dared to step near her runway! Miss Behave was definitely the most fashionable zombie of the night! Bringing the 70’s back from the dead! Along with exhuming herself from the grave, she dug up the most frightening clothes of 70’s fashion!

If you missed this year's monster bash, do not fret my little gremlins! You can catch all the frightening excitement here on video! Did the right costume win? Let us know what you think on Twitter @HairroinSalon. 

Special thanks to our awesome judges, @stevieryan and our amazing sponsors @space15twenty and @tendergreens! It wouldn't have been possible without you!!!

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