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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hairroin's creepy christmas

i found this article on about our Creepy Christmas window display, and decided to repost it.

"Judging from the window display, you probably want to avoid being on Hairroin's naughty list. The Hollywood hair salon features a whole lot of sinister: the first thing that popped out at us was the glittering, sequined brass knuckles adorning the side of a black reindeer. Then there's the Christmas bobcat who's clawing a bird out of mid-air (we were so taken/weirded out that we caught it from multiple angles). But the piece de resistance is the cute stuffed figure (Santa Claus?) who's having a picnic made of his entrails. Creepy! With a name like Hairroin, it's probably a safe bet that they've got an affinity for the darker side of things. Or, since there's soon to be a barbershop opening next door, maybe Hairroin's trying to send the message that they're the wrong people to eff with."


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