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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hair Heros.

Every year we make up a mix cd to give out to our clients. Each employee of Hairroin Salon picks out a song and we make up a very ecclectic playlist to give out to our clients. The cd'c cover art features a photo of all of us! each year we choose a different theme for our salon portraits. In the past we have done circus freaks, cholos &cholas, and this year we chose superheros! We found it very fitting since we are all hair heros!
We shot our photos on the roof of a downtown loft, and all got into character of our own made up hair super heros!
We took these photos a few weeks ago...

This weekend we will finish shooting the rest of the staff, should be fun!
Our cds should be available in December, as a gift to all of our clients. Its a really great compilation this year, i can't wait!

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David said...

Muy lindas pinturas. Parece que la fiesta fue divertida